• Diesel power generators

    With Perkins, Navistar, Mitsubishi, Volvo and Doosan engines
  • Professional UPS

    - Display LCD
    - Double online conversion technology
    - Possibility to mount in IT Rack
    - Multiple control and monitorization options
  • Electronic Tension Stabilizers

    - Fast and independent configuration
    - Wide range of powers available
    - Great realiability
    - Silent functioning
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MARRO ELECTRIC SYSTEMS started the activity in 2006 with headquarters in Bucharest. We are a strong organization dedicated to exellence in what we do, specially producer and importer of gensets.

MARRO ELECTRIC SYSTEMS offers for sale a variety of gensets from our production and gensets produced in Spain by GESAN Grupos electrógenos. The wide range of engines and powers from 2.5 KVA to 3200 KVA allows us to offer the best choice, perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Also, our company offers a wide range of UPSs with powers from 350 VA to 800 kVA, single phase and three phase voltage stabilizers.

Our company philosophy is based on the principle that marketing must be founded on a very thorough knowledge of the product, specialized and permanent technical support provided to our customers. Therefore, among the services available to you include:
• expert advice on choosing the optimal solution;
• Installation works for "turnkey" delivery of equipment;
• service and maintenance for UPSs and gensets with engines from Perkins, Cummins, John Deere, Volvo, Deutz, MAN, Lister-Petter, Honda, Vanguard, this services provides a proper functioning of equipments.

The main objective of our company is to impose us on the market as a name in terms of quality products and services. We want to become better known in our industry and to prove our integrity and the genuine care showed to the benefit of customers and our employees. Enthusiasm, passion and energy of our staff are the main factors behind achieving this objective.

Following the professional development of our company staff, since 2009 we became producers of gasoline gensets, with engines from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Japan and alternators from MECCALTE and Zanardi, Italy. A year later, in 2010, we launched the production of diesel gensets in both Open version without canopy, and Silent version – with soundproof canopy.

Currently MARRO gensets are sold across the country, for each of them providing the commissioning (start-up) and installation-assembly was provided by the buyer or by us.

We are proud that we were able to install generators even in the most difficult places, in special conditions (in the basement at -3, -5, roof or disassembled and mounted again piece by piece in places with limited access).

As proof of interest in the quality of our products, all components used in the manufacturing process are the products of leading companies in the field:

  • engines: PERKINS (UK), JCB (UK), IVECO (Italy) ,MITSUBISHI (Japan)
  • alternators: Meccalte (Italy), Marelli (Italy), Stamford (UK), ABB (UK), Sincro (Italy)
  • control panels and battery rectifiers: Deep Sea - UK
  • switches: ABB - Sweden
  • ATS panels: GESAN - Spain

Having a broad experience in installing and maintaining/managing electric groups either on gasolin or diesel, our service department represents an important part of the activity within our company.
Covering the electrical power needs of our clients and adjusting them accordingly so that their business becomes a success, represents the core essence of our service department.

We are an excellent service supplier covering maintenance and repairs for electric groups, UPS and tension stabilizers. We are devoted to our work, clients and the resulting partnerships.

We are proud of our experienced technicians which in case of need or emergencies will support you and your business in the shotest term possible wether it's about repair issues, spare parts to be changed or handling the used oils/filters according to legislation in this domain.

banc incercare finalTest bench
Following thoroughly a maintenance schedule is essential for keeping the electric group reliable and functioning. Testing it annually represents an essential part in maintenance keeping the engine running in normal parameters as well as assuring it's realiability during power failures

For those clients that need an extra insurance regarding the normal functioning of the generators, our company has two resistive test benches with a total power of up to 600 kW.

inchiriereUse all the power without major investments

With the help of the electric groups offered for rental, you can use all the necessary power without the need for any major investment. You can also rely on our full support available in the entire country as well as high quality personalized equipment designed for your business needs.

Our company offers a large number of the latest and most efficient electric groups for rental with surge protection, undervoltage protection, innapropriate frequency and overload protection all configured through an electric command pannel.

Depending on your needs, these can be configured with AAR pannel (automatic source inverting for connecting/disconnecting to the network), silenced housing for a noiseless functioning and for the applications that need mobility, we can offer you electrical groups mounted on a trailer.

For the electrical groups offered for rental, we offer you:
- Transport of the equipment
- Installing and checking the equipment
- Instructing the personnel
- Maitenance of the equipment – usual service schedule

In the event of a malfunction, our service team will solve any issues at the location of the equipment in the shortest time possible.


Starting with 2010, our company has implemented the management of quality control. Through auditing the company by the qualified certification organism, this system is being supervised annually. MARRO ELECTRIC SYSTEMS has been certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 140001:2004 respecting all required standards both in production as well as in wharehouse storage.

Having our own production line gives us the possibility to be flexible to all our customers requests, no matter how particular they are.

The entire production process within the company is certified by the quality control management ISO 9001:2008. All delivered products are accompanied by a quality certificate.

This system improves the performance of our company and gives confidence to our clients. We encourage transparency, process optimizations as well as proffesionalism within our company, MARRO ELECTRIC SYSTEMS.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001


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